Well-designed offices boost morale and enhance workplace culture

Posted in Commercial on 19.03.18

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Lawyers branch out with a communal tree

Changing workplace culture can be as simple as adding a tree to the staffroom of a busy Brisbane law firm.

Quickly christened the “tree of knowledge”, the mock maple tree has become a gathering point for hardworking employees of Thynne + Macartney on the 32nd floor of the Riverside Centre. “It’s the central point, the focal point of our staffroom,” said general manager Ashley Lamb.

“We have birthday cakes around the tree every month, we have staff drinks in there, it’s right in the centre of the office and it’s a place where everyone congregates.”

“It’s like the heart of the office,” added lawyer Bonita Wong.

The firm took the opportunity to overhaul its offices when moving to a larger space last year. With lawyers spending on average 49 hours a week at work, Mr Lamb said it was important staff felt comfortable and looked forward to coming into the office. “We wanted a space that was much more collaborative for our staff, where they could socialise and work across business lines,” he said.

Enter Apollo Property Group director Leon Bowes, a firm believer in the power of a well-designed office to boos morale and enhance workplace culture. He said office designs were not a case of “one size fits all.”

“There’s certainly different cultures in different organisations, as well as different buildings, different pressure points and different budgets,” he said. “We’ve seen all variety of office fit-outs and it’s quite rewarding to see the effect a new workplace solution has on a business, so it’s something we put a lot of time into.”

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