Apollo Property Group strives to consistently provide design, construction, refurbishment and fit-out services that not only meet but exceed our clients requirements and expectations.



Apollo Property Group provides quality design, construction, refurbishment and fit-out services through the implementation and ongoing maintenance of a certified Quality Management System and Quality Assurance program. We are accredited with both the latest Australian Quality Standard – ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and PQC.  Apollo Property Group is committed to achieving a level of quality and professional competence to ensure our clients receive the best level of service and product in the market. We pride ourselves on our capabilities in project administration, document management, quality verification, defect and non-conformance management and the respect of client property.

To aid in the implementation of this Policy, Apollo Property Group’s objectives are to:

1. Comply with all relevant statutory duties, regulations, industry codes and standards

2. Monitoring and auditing systems that meet the certification requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001

3. Provide information, instructions and training to employees and sub-contractors to ensure understanding of the Quality Standards

4. Continually improve our assurance policy and the importance of Quality Assurance in the workplace

5. Identifying, investigating and resolving non-conformances to maintain and improve compliance

6. Reviewing both performance and performance measures, taking action to continually improve performance

7. Monitoring and evaluating quality performance by internal and external auditing


By raising awareness with our staff and team of contractors, innovative thinking and encouraging all personnel to strive for a consistent, proactive approach to quality Apollo Property Group aims to increase customer satisfaction by delivering projects with an achieved level of quality and professional competence on time, on budget. The Apollo Way.


Quality Assurance Certificate

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